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How about playing basketball center at 1.77 meters

2022-06-26 04:24Basketball center skills
Summary: A 12-year-old boy is 1.77 meters tall. Will he grow tall when playing basketballAt the age of 12, he is already 1.77 meters tall and will grow again. You should pay attention. Maybe you will be the fi
A 12-year-old boy is 1.77 meters tall. Will he grow tall when playing basketball
At the age of 12, he is already 1.77 meters tall and will grow again. You should pay attention. Maybe you will be the first center of the national team in the future
I am 1.7 meters tall, playing basketball, not very good at breakthrough, layup shooting is average, rebounds are OK, physical quality is not very good
Yes! Your height still tends to increase. It is suggested that you practice more strength, improve the strength of your body, and practice more jumping. If you are attacking, you should focus on practicing back to back singles under the basket. It is suggested to watch more videos of NBA legendary centers, such as Olajuwon, Russell and so onHow to play 1.7 meters basketball
The positions on the basketball court include point guard, point guard, power forward, small forward and center. The height of 1.7 meters is relatively not high. It's good to play shooting guard. The shooting guard's playing methods are as follows: First: confrontation. The ability to score in a confrontation is very important for the point guardI am a freshman, 178cm, strong, and want to play the center position in basketball
All of these require long-term competition with others. They often play with senior students. They have rich experience and are not allowed to shoot. This needs practice. If there is no other way to move, the center does not have much demand. When receiving the ball, they should go to a place where no one is aroundOne meter seven eight, is it suitable for playing basketball
Playing basketball depends on your interest! If you are interested, just play together. And you have 1.78, which is very good! Unless you want to challenge an expert, or want to play a professional! If not, practice more and play more, you can play very well! Come on, basketball is a good thing. When you really play, you will knowCan you play basketball 1.7 meters as a center
Hayes of nba198, who is full of talents, is a center forward and broke out in a game. Garnett said that height is not a big problem. But if you want to make a difference in the three second zone, you must have skilled under the basket skills and a strong body. This is very important. I hope it will help you. I wish you successWhere do I play basketball in 1.78
According to your physical condition, you should play point guard No. 1. You can score 3 points accurately. When necessary, you can shoot confidently; Second, you haven't played for two months, and your hand feeling is still there, which shows that you are familiar with basketball. If you practice dribbling every day, you can have the ability to control the ball on the court; Third, you are 1.78 meters tallMy height is 1m78 and weight is 85kg. They let me play basketball as a center! But I don't like playing center! The others hit that
There are not so many internal and external lines, but if the power is strong and the speed is fast, it will be more sudden and the header will be more shots. However, defense has a great differentiation for position. If you are fast, you can defend the outside line, and if you are strong, you can grab the board from the inside line. Depending on your body, you can usually play forward and hold the bottom lineMale, 24 years old, height 1.77 meters, weight 65 kg, which position is good for playing basketball
Guard. If you are strong, you should have good physHow about playing basketball center at 1.77 metersical quality. It is recommended to practice dribbling more when playing guard. You should master the sense of dribbling well. Both left and right hands should be able to dribble flexibly. In fact, there is no need to deliberately learn skills and understand them in practiceI have 1.7 meters to play basketball, which belongs to the big type. What position is good to play
Rebounding, assists, physical strength is enough, that is, small forward, good dribbling ability, enough strength, breakthrough points, that is, power forward, good ball control and attack, that is, guard, can rebound, strong center shot, that is, center forward. Play in whatever position you are strong in. Hope to adopt
How about playing basketball center at 1.77 meters

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