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Peak center basketball shoes too light weight

2022-06-23 06:31Basketball Center Teaching
Summary: Center basketball shoes below 200 yuan are recommended~~Weight is too light, to gain! Take a look at Zhang Weiping's basketball teaching video, which teaches centers to play. There is also the cont
Center basketball shoes below 200 yuan are recommended~~
Weight is too light, to gain! Take a look at Zhang Weiping's basketball teaching video, which teaches centers to play. There is also the content of center in the video of NBA superstars teaching you how to play basketball. You can buy a domestic brand at this price. 361 Anta Hongxing Erke peak is good! Personal advice peakWhen was the e63063a peak basketball shoe made? How about the quality
Shoes in about 18 years. Turn to the quality evaluation from the post bar: peak liuruihong's "Howard generation low top evaluation" package (17 points) the center shoes in the hearts of many shoe fans are bloated, but this Howard generation 1 low shoe is very compact, which can also be reflected in the package feeling. On the first day of junior high schoolWhich five pairs of basketball shoes are recommended for center
If you want to buy something cheaper, the lowest price of the peak Howard series is even more than 10 yuan. If you want to buy something better, you can choose Ross series, HD series, James zhengdai and warrior seriesRubber basketball or PU basketball
 The difference bPeak center basketball shoes  too light weightetween rubber basketball and Pu basketball: first, the feel of rubber is harder than that of PU. Third, rubber can slide after playing for a long time. PU materials are closer to the feel of leather. It will be comfortable to use. Many PU materials are more widely used in real life, and are environmentally friendly. The performance in all aspects is closer to or even better than leather. PU skin generally refers to super fiber skin. The full name of microfiber leather is "Microfiber Reinforced leather". It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility and the environmental protection effect now advocated. To buy basketball in Jinan, you can go to the "Guzhi Sports Supermarket" located at No. 6-4, Baotu Spring North Road, Jinan. It is 30 meters north of the east gate of Wulongtan. There are several brands of basketball sold here, and they are all well-known brands. The price of basketball ranges from dozens of Yuan
About recommending a peak basketball shoe
The only drawback is poor air permeabilityWe recommend several 500-700 Nike or Adidas basketball shoes for the center
Rubber outsole for Herringbone traction. In fact, James' shoes are also OK. His shoes are well protected. Although they are not flexible, they do not need much flexibility in the vertical and horizontal paint areas. Or Garnett's shoes. Of course, there are Yao Ming's shoes. Reebok has made a lot of special shoes for himWhich basketball shoe is better, Li Ning peak Anta
At present, Li Ning has designed and produced a series of shoes for pPeak center basketball shoes  too light weightrofessional centers, forwards and guards in the basketball field. The centers mainly use Shaq series of O'Neill and classic BB reborn series of Hashim tabit, and the guards mainly use BD series of exclusive shoes of Baron Davis and Yu Shuai series of josekardronHigh top basketball shoes suitable for centers
Howard4 seems to use quick technology. The forefoot partition of this technology is mainly responsible for providing necessary mobility, the middle forefoot is responsible for balancing left andPeak center basketball shoes  too light weight right movement, and the back foot is mainly responsible for providing stability and grip. The air permeability is medium, mainly light and flexible. But the wrapping is not very good. James 11, excellent breathabilityDoes peak have any shoes for centers and shooters
Parker or Howard don't buy anything else
Center basketball shoes
If there are economic conditions for basketball shoes, Nike or Adidas should be recommended. As for other requirements, in fact, all basketball shoes meet the requirements. If the conditions are not met, Li Ning orPeak center basketball shoes  too light weight peak can be considered. Anyway, they are the same shoes. Just buy air cushioned insoles onlineWhat are the basketball shoes suitable for the center (high cost performance)
TPU is built in the heel for stable protection. Peak's Howard series this series is specially made for the center. Dh3 is recommended. At the price of about 300, the performance is also worthy of recognition. First of all, the full-length p-mobile cushioning material is very elastic, and the feedback feeling exceeds its price; The midsole has a large area of carbon plate
Peak center basketball shoes too light weight

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