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2022-06-23 04:38Street Basketball Center
Summary: How to increase the ability of Super Center in street basketballIntroduction to additional points for street basketball center training: additional points 1: Confrontation - backboard - bounce - run -
How to increase the ability of Super Center in street basketball
Introduction to additional points for street basketball center training: additional points 1: Confrontation - backboard - bounce - run - block dunk - shooting and steal - pass - dribble layup - three points plus points 2: we don't need too many points at the offensive end. First, we don't need three pointsWhat ability value determines the block range of FSF street basketball center
The capping capability really refers to the capping range. But the value of bounce ability determines the layup distanStreet basketball center bouncece, dunk distance and the height of the rebound. The center forward's ability value is not maStreet basketball center bounceinly based on the bounce ability value. As a center forward, the bounce ability value can be used as an auxiliary. There was an activity in FS for some time before, and there was no such activityWhat is the best ability for a street basketball center
Rebounding and bouncing are common sense. Different abilities vary according to your playing method. Rebounding is to increase the area covered by your ability, that is, you can grab more boards. Bouncing is to increase your jumping height, that is, you can grab higher boards as well as the topStreet basketball VIP center plus bounce or physical confrontation
Rebound + bounce! Personally, it's useless to add physical confrontation. As long as you can't defend, you have to fall down. The most important thing is the center or the backboard block! Rebound is a mustIs the street basketball center adding rebounds useful for rebounding or adding bounce useful for rebounding_ Baidu
For C, of course, it is + rebounds. Pf has a high jump. Therefore, with the help of strong rebounds, rebounds and bouncing ability, you can literally understand that you can jump high vs fast, even if the 52 bouncing of the center in the second board is enough. In this case, others would rather add a little more board attributes than a little more jumping attributes, even if the PF gunStreet basketball center shoes plus bounce or body or running.. Analysis
Why so many 2B? I repeat that rebounding has nothing to do with bouncing. The following is the theory: 1 Suit theory In 3v3 and 2v2, we can see black big C wearing a suit. Ask him what to add. Most of C's aStreet basketball center bouncenswers are reboundsMobile street basket, center C, jumping or rebounding
The board should be better. In fact, if you think you are p, the C in the family will dare to vote if he has a board
How many blue boards and jumping ability of the street basketball cStreet basketball center bounceenter can be second high boards
3. It is a pity that the screenshot failed to explain: the landing points of various boards and the corresponding bounce capacity values of various boards in seconds (taking the popular high-3 boards as an example, the rebound capacity value should meet 9 and the bounce capacity value should meet 50. Neither of these two is indispensable, otherwise it is less than 3 boards in seconds. There is no doubt about the rebound capacity value
Which is more important, the bounce and physical resistance of street basketball C
If the ability is similar, it depends on the player's own consciousness. At 33, cover is more important for the center, because there are usually four internal lines (C, C, PF, PF). Strengthening physical confrontation means "not easy to fall", which is very important for rebounds and covers. If you fall, you can't do anythingDoes the street basketball center want to physically fight or bounce
Then the ability of physical confrontation is crucial. Rebounds and positions are blocked. Whoever has a high physical confrontation is not easy to fall down. Score points. When the physical confrontation is high, he will be forced to lay up in front of the person and score more points. When the physical confrontation is high, he will not be knocked down. It can be seen that physical confrontation is more important than jumping
Street basketball center bounce

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